We willen van deze wereld een betere plek maken door te zorgen dat JIJ een verschil maakt

The Healing Journey of the Clown, the story of an Aura-Soma Bottle


Sometimes people ask me: “What kind of influence would such a coloured bottle possibly have on my life?” You can hear them thinking “after all, being crazy isn’t painful”.

That’s why I would like to tell you my personal story.


Together with Willy, I attended the Aura-Soma Teacher Level 3 Training at Dev Aura in England. We were taught how to walk through the Tree Of Life, and everyone had to do a presentation on one of the Paths or one of the Worlds of the Tree.


At one point we were working with the emotional World and together with Willy and two other colleagues, we had to work on this World, looking at the Bottles that are in this World, and give a short presentation of how we experienced all this.


I was daft enough to allow the others to choose Cards and Bottles (how stupid can one be) but very soon the reason for this became apparent. To my feeling I was left with an ugly Card in relation to B72 and the corresponding Bottle.


Blue and orange … two complementary colours … I couldn’t even look at the Bottle, I grew angrier and angrier on it. Can one grow angry on an “object”?


Oh yes … only just stub your toe against a table! Anyhow, I became pretty peevish with this Bottle … I thought it was ugly as sin. But it was meant to be: the following day I had to some public talking about it in front of more than 40 people, so I didn’t have much choice.


In the evening one of the other Teachers to be was reading her Course Manual, telling that there was quite a lot of information on this particular bottle. I told her I didn’t want to read it, I just wanted to FEEL it! For me Aura-Soma is something I have to sense, and the theory will come later.


However, I couldn’t escape as this lady kept on going that “it has to do with DNA and the genetic stuff” … GRRRRR. I said: “No, I don’t want to hear it”, but the information had already spread through my mind, my mind being perfectly capable of storing information.


Throughout the night I kept fighting with the bottle … genetic stuff. BAH! So I kept on fretting, and when I had finally slept for two hours I woke up still fighting with the message of this bottle. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT! I had already said so, but the Bottle wished I would understand her … and she kept annoying me.


After a rough night I thought “Well let me just tell them how badly I hate this Bottle and that’s it!


And then the moment of truth came. Willy spoke about the World we were working with and the others talked about their Bottles. Then it was my turn to speak about B72.


I said: “This Bottle is so ugly, I hate it. As a matter of fact, I would rather throw it out of the window”, and I told everyone that I couldn’t understand how on earth somebody could possibly create such an ugly bottle. Sorry Mike Booth.


Suddenly these words came from within my heart: “All of a sudden I realise why I hate this Bottle so much as it is the story of my life: this clown who is always laughing, always looking cheerful while crying deep inside”.


“Yesterday, somebody told me that this Bottle has to do with genetic patterns … and I have a son with a genetic disease.” Tears came … I spoke about the masks we all carry … and there I was, without any mask, without the clown I could hide behind.


Finally I understood why this bottle had called me, why it had wanted to help me and heal this trauma. I was so angry with myself, with the world, and with this rotten disease Sam has to carry. I felt guilty towards him for “imposing” this on him.


Talking about it felt liberating, allbeit very emotional. These caring co-Teachers supported me on a wave of compassion and understanding, in a bath of love. This bath would prove useful later.


In all those years that I have been working with Aura-Soma I had never ever experienced the power of these living energies more intensely. During lunch break I accepted the confrontation with B72! I bought it at the shop and took it to Dev Aura.


When I shook it, it turned into the most gruesome olive green. YUK, what a loathsome colour … I nearly had to vomit.


In the evening I took a bath and at one of my dear friend’s advice I poured -threw- almost the entire Bottle into the water. Stupid bottle! Then I sat down … at first it felt really nice. There was some discharge and for a moment my throat felt as being strangled. Then my body relaxed. This clown brought more calmness and peace.


Over the following days I kept on applying the Bottle. Every time I had the feeling of being strangled. I pledged many more liberating tears, finally my grief was allowed to come out. The shaken colour remained olive green, this realy ugly yuky colour … and every time I used it I said it as well. Yuk. Gruesome colour. Olive has to do with bitterness?


By the end of our Training the Bottle was empty, and I felt really happy about having had the guts! Somebody suggested to use another B72. “Yeah right, are you out of your mind?” Rather not. After all, this one was finally empty. The battle was over, right?


But when I was home again I looked in the cupboard and grabbed another Bottle B72. Only this time, when I started shaking it, it turned into an amazing gold instead of olive. How about that for a transformation, not only the Bottle … but especially me.


Today I’m extremely happy that this Bottle called me. The transformation was so healing, and now I feel a lot more peace (the blue in the Bottle I fought so hard) in myself and towards my circumstances.


The very recommendation I want to make to everybody is to pour a Bottle in your bath. It is such an amazing experience, but be warned: are you ready to change your life and to let go of your anger, your fears and your frustrations?


I promise you only this: it works!


Commentaren op: "The Healing Journey of the Clown, the story of an Aura-Soma bottle." (5)

  1. Thank you for sharing this story with us! I found it great, truthful and full of energy.I am working the B72 now and it is a big change. If I have the guts I will try it in my bath!!! Thank you…

  2. 4 me b72 was not ugly, but curious, feeling kind of longing for.After first time use on whole body i felt becoming brighter & bliss. Then after some time i felt more courage to be authentic,closer to myself, without mask.More grounded also. And know i m thinking of a Gold bottle:)

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Rit. I really appreciate your honest, straight forward count of your experience.
    I never liked 72 much. In a way I avoid it.
    When I first did my Aura-Soma training Level 1 or 2, I was asked to choose the bottles that I liked the least and then give a consultation based on these bottles. Since this was longtime ago, I don’t remember so much so content. What I do remember though is the joy and positive feelings that I had and that came through during this consultation.
    I guess I worked through the darkness and found much joy in it.
    Love and light,

  4. thanks for the heart touching story that make up my mind to choose B72 as my next bottle. I had choosen it for so many time but i refused to use it. After ready your article, i changed my mind simply because I don’t want to be always laughing, always looking cheerful while crying deep inside anymore. I want to be my true self.

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